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Hvidovre Kirke

The Church of Hvidovre is a typical medieval village church.

Gravsten på Hvidovre Kirkegård

About the Church of Hvidovre

The Church of Hvidovre is a Roman village church, made by limestone around 1200. It is the eldest church and building in Hvidovre.

During the Dano-Swedish wars 1658-59, the church was plundered and used as a horse stable. The roof was removed to use it as a fortification. The church chandeliers, which also became loot, are said to be found at the Nordiske Museum in Stockholm! The aisle, named Valbyskibet, is from around 1670, when the church was reconstructed. It was built to make room for the Valby peasants. They were said to be thrown out of the church "Frue Kirke" for drinking too much. The money for the aisle, a small bell tower and three bells were given to the church by an Icelandic merchant, Erik Lauritzsøn. His will left a house in Farvergade, Copenhagen, to the church. It was sold at 1000 daler. The present tower is from 1770, and the two bells are cast by the alloy from the three former bells.

The Church of Hvidovre has an annex church at Hvidovre Hospital, Maria Magdalene Kirken, built in 2000. The architect is Alan Havsteen-Mikkelsen.

In the church you can see:
Altarpiece with figures from the end of the 1400's, framed in 1951. The story goes that it was given to the church by a shipmaster who had survived a stranding in Kalveboderne.
Baptismal font, probably dating back to the birth of the church.
Organ built by David Køhne in 1858.
Pulpit from 1630-40.
A ship model of "Freden" from 1919, donated by the fisherman Rudolf Olsen, in pure joy over the end of World War I.
Limestone heads built in the porch and on the tower. They come from the Copenhagen Vesterport, removed in 1856.
Pietá, relief by the sculptor Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan, who lived at Rytterskolen next to the church in 1911-1935.
Church silver etc.

Useful information

Bus: 132 between Friheden Station and Hvidovre Station.

Car: Parking lots by the church.

The church address is Hvidovre Kirkeplads.

The church is open to the public Wednesdays and Fridays between 10-13 hrs. and Thursdays between 16-18 hrs.

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Routes and activities

Go for a walk on the kirkegården (cemetary)