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Risbjerg Kirke

The Church of Risbjerg was finally established in 1959, in the parish of Risbjerg with room for the entire congregation.

Risbjerg Kirke

About the Church of Risbjerg

The monumental church is kept in a simple style, both inside and outside. The exterior consists of red bricks. The small peepholes at the gable ends give the church a medieval expression. The inside consists of yellow bricks, and the church room is light and inviting. The architects are Helge Schønnemann, Chr. Brandi and Rolf Graae - another contemporary construction by them was the oldest part of Hvidovre town hall. Like the Church of Skt. Nikolaj, the Church of Risbjerg has a maritime expression.

The parish community centre, drawn by Tyge Arnfred, was built in 1997.

In the church you can see:
Organ from 2006, built by P.G. Andersen & Bruhn.
Votive ship model from 2002, a copy of the viking ship "Skuldelev 6" from around 1040, a model by Vibeke Bischoff.
Glass mosaics by Palle Bruun.
Baptismal basin and ewer, and chandelier by Helga & Bent Exner.
Image of Christ by Erik Heide.
Frieze decoration by Vibeke Tøjner from 1998, inspired by the dramatic Easter scene.
Altar wall by Erik Heide from 2009

Useful information

Bus: 132 between Friheden Station and Hvidovre Station.

Car: Parking lots by the church.

The church's address is Kirkegade 2.

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