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Sct. Andreas Ordenen

The Order of Sct. Andreas was the first Risbjerg Kirke, among other things.
Sct. Andreas Ordenen

About the Order of Sct. Andreas

The old white chapel Missionshuset Ebenezer was built in the 1930's.

In 1952, Hvidovre Kirke was far too small for the growing parish. So the parish was split into Hvidovre and Risbjerg. The chapel was acquired and rebuilt, and turned into a church. It was named the Church of Risbjerg. But very soon, this church also became too small. So in 1957, they made a collection to raise money for the construction of the present-day Risbjerg Kirke.

When the church was ready in 1959, the old church was sold to the Baptist community of Fredskirken at 80,000 kr. The church became Broholmkirken, named after one of the Danish Baptist pioneer, August Broholm. The neighbouring land was bought, and a new church connecting the old buildings was constructed in 1974, after the drawings of architect P.E. Lønne.
In 2006, the church merged with Korskirken in Herlev, and most of the church ceremonies ceased. After that, the church was used by an African congregation, the gospel choir Ikthys and Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps (Baptist scout association).

In 2012, the church was bought by the masonic lodge, the Order of Sct. Andreas.

Useful information

Bus: 132 between Friheden Station and Hvidovre Station.

The church address is Hvidovrevej 215.

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