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Skt. Nikolaj Kirke

The Church of Skt. Nikolaj is Hvidovre's Roman Catholic church.
Skt. Nikolaj Kirke

About the Church of Skt. Nikolaj

The Church of Skt. Nikolaj was built in 1959 og replaced the Chapel of Sct. Nikolaj from 1931, when it became too small for the congregation. The vicar Petrus van der Stok prepared the first draft for the new church and then started the project with architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen. Later on, he became world-famous for his Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It was the architect's plan to build the church like the head of a ship, and the result was a beautiful, simple and modern church. Much of the construction money was raised in the Netherlands! 

In the church you can see:
A statue from the 1400's of Skt. Nikolaj, the saint of the seafarers.
A Spanish statue of Maria and the Infant Jesus from the 1600-1700's.

Useful information

Bus: 132 between Frihedens Station and Hvidovre Station.

Car: No parking lots by the church.

The church's address is Strøbyvej 2.

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Routes and activities

You can gain access to the church by appointment on +45 3678 2790.