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Avedøre Stationsby

Enjoy a typical, built-up area from the 1960s, with raw concrete front and long, straight lines.

About Avedøre Stationsby

A city district inspired by the city planning of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Stationsbyen, a town with a railway station, was planned in 1968 and built in the period 1973-1982. From 1997-2001, Stationsbyen got a substantial quality lift, including some rebuilding, urban renewing and various cultural initiatives.

Byparken is the recreational spot of the district – a small and fine park with gravel paths, canals, lakes and bridges.

There is an abundance of art in Stationsbyen. Including "Vinger" (wings) by Erik Heide from 1979 in Byparken, "Havets Sang" (the song of the ocean) by Vibeke Glarbo from 2004, if you move westward along the southern part of the city wall, and "Avedøreparret" (the Avedøre couple) by Vibeke Glarbo from 2001, at the exit of Vestvolden.
"Folkets Plads" (the people's square) is decorated with colourful and child-friendly art by the landscape architect Vibeke Holscher and the painters Vibeke Glarbo and Jane Balsgaard.

Useful information

Train: S-tog (A-line) to Avedøre Station.

Bus: 1A, 133.

Car: Parking lots in Stationsbyen.

There are seating areas in Byparken and toilets in the local library Avedøre Bibliotek.

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Routes and activities

You can walk from Avedøre Station and Byparken across Avedøre Stationsby to Vestvolden.

In Avedøre Stationsby, you can also visit Avedøre Bibliotek and the church Avedøre Kirke.