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The Avedøre Camp – a meeting between the present and the past.

About the Avedøre Camp

The camp was established as a military school camp in 1911-1913. The architect was Helge Møller whose work was inspired by Kastellet, the star fortress of Copenhagen. He created a number of quality buildings with fine and national romantic details.

Apart from its military use, the camp has a history of multiple functions. Home for the homeless and summer camp for children, two of its many purposes, and the Germans occupied the fortress during World War II.

In 1999, the Avedøre Camp was bought by the municipality of Hvidovre. In the years that followed, the place turned into a new town district, with a mix of habitation and a place to explore by the entire family. Today, the municipality owns around one third of the camp.

Useful information

Bus: 1A.

Car: Parking lots in the camp.

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Routes and activities

The Circus Museum is an exciting place to visit, offering different events for big and small in the course of the year.

Enjoy a refreshment at Bataillionen, the cafe and culture centre of the camp, managed by the Hvidovre Produktionsskole. The school offers facilities in the Filmbyen 10-12, too. They hold open house several times a year.

The Avedøre Camp invites you to join major public events, including the Christmas market in December.

If you're interested in local history, go visit the Forstadsmuseet (suburban museum), housed in the Historiens Hus at Alarmpladsen.

Quark Centret is situated at the north-western corner of the camp. The centre is Hvidovre's urban-organic scenery centre, where both schools and kindergartens can learn about ecology and the environment. They hold open house a couple of times during the year.

The film city, Filmbyen, housing Zentropa etc., lies at the northern end of the camp. A Zentropa tour can be arranged, by appointment.