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Bredalsparken and Phønixhusene

A tour across Bredalsparken to Brostykkevej and onwards to Avedøre Havnevej will take you through two areas with two different architectural qualities and histories.

About Bredalsparken and the Phønix houses

Bredalsparken is the creation of two skilled architects who, in the 1950s, established one of Hvidovre's many fine buildings. The houses between Claus Petersens Allé and Arnold Nielsens Boulevard were built in steps from 1949-1960. The construction is designed by Svenn Eske Kristensen who emphasized light, space and green areas for the residents. In 1998, the planting between the blocks won "Byens grønne blad", a recognition from Friluftsrådet (the Outdoor Council). The area looks like a park, and it’s a fine example of how to combine an exciting construction with green surroundings.

The Phønix houses on Brostykkevej also tell their part of the Hvidovre story. They were some of the first standard houses in Denmark – a small house for "low-income" families. The houses were designed by the company "A/S Phønix" in the 1920s.

Explore "Blå Skulptur" (blue sculpture) by Egon Fisher from 1988 at the shopping mall Bredalsparkens Butikscenter and "Skulptur" (sculpture) from 1979 by Eva Sørensen at the junction Hvidovrevej/Brostykkevej.

Useful information

Bus: 132 from Friheden Station or Hvidovre Station. 200S from Friheden Station or Hvidovre Hospital. Get off at Brostykkevej/Hvidovrevej.

Car: Many parking lots in the area.

There are seating areas in Bredalsparken and toilets in the main library Hovedbiblioteket.

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Routes and activities

Try out the route Brostykkevej - Claus Petersens Allé - Berners Vænge - Sognegårds Allé - Brostykkevej.

You'll find playgrounds in Bredalsparken.