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Hvidovre Torv

When you stand facing Hvidovre Torv (town square), you are right in the middle of the old village "Hvidovre Landsby".
Hvidovre Torv

About Hvidovre Torv

In the 1940s, the old buildings facing the church were torn down, and Hvidovre Torv became the new square.

The square is surrounded by "Hvidovregitteret" (railing). It is 127m long and tells the story of Hvidovre, from prehistoric times up to 1956, when it was completed. Five tons of iron were forged into the railing by master smith Poul S. Hansen, after the sketches of E. Thorstein. It took four years.

West of the square is the local church Hvidovre Kirke from around 1200.

Next to the church, you'll find the school Rytterskolen, built in 1721 to make room for the children of the king's "horsemen", i.e. soldiers that Frederik IV had entrusted to defend Copenhagen. Later on, the house became the home of the artist H.P. Pedersen-Dan, the creator of the statue "En Moder" (moderhood) from 1903, which is placed next to the school. Another piece of art to explore is "Frihedsmonument" (monument of freedom) from 1948 by Arno Axelsen.
You'll find it at the corner of Hvidovrevej/Præstemosen.

East of the square, along Hvidovregade, you can explore the remains of the old Hvidovre village.

If you go south along Hvidovrevej and walk down Bytoften, you'll find "Kugle af træ" (sphere of wood) by Ole Barslund.

The fountain on the square was constructed in 2004 by the local artist Svend Hansen.

Useful information

Bus: 132 or 22 from Hvidovre Station. 132 from Friheden Station.

Car: Parking lots around the square and by the church.

There are tables and chairs on the square, and toilets in the café as well as public toilets by the church

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Routes and activities

Try out the route Hvidovre Torv - Hvidovregade - Bytoften - Hvidovrevej - Hvidovre Torv.