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In Avedøre Stationsby, between Store Hus and the station town, you'll find the recreational space called Byparken.

About Byparken

The park is a nice hideaway for adults and children. It's a small and fine park with gravel paths, canals, lakes and bridges. In the park, you'll find the sculpture "Vinger" (wings) from 1979 by Erik Heide.

Useful information

Train: S-train (A-line) to Avedøre Station.

Bus: 1A, 133 to Avedøre Station.

Car: Parking lots at Avedøre Bibliotek and Avedøre Station.

There are seating areas in the park and toilets in the local library Avedøre Bibliotek.

In the tunnel at Byparken there are wall sheets showing the history of Avedøre Stationsby.

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Routes and activities

There are small gravel paths criss-crossing the park. Follow the path for 1 km across Avedøre Stationsby. Then you'll arrive at Vestvolden. You can walk with a pram/wheelchair as well.

Byparken is a popular place for public events for children and adults. You are welcome to take part in the local animal shows, flea markets for children, sports events etc.