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Kystagerparken and Bjerget

Bjerget and Kystagerparken are good excursions locations all year round.
Bjerget i Kystagerparken

About Kystagerparken and Bjerget

Bjerget (the hill) is part of Kystagerparken, a park established from the surplus earth from excavations, in the 1970s, from Carlsberg in Valby and from the shopping malls in Ishøj and Hundige. On the top of Bjerget is "Solen" (the sun) – the starting point of the experience tour "Planetstien".

Kystagerparken is a protected area. The grass stays wild, and the abundance of wild plants, seeds and flowers is the natural habitat of a rich animal life: insects, shrew mouse, the Eurasian skylark, fox and common kestrel. There are wildlife information boards along the paths.

Useful information

Train: S-train (A-line) to Åmarken Station. Walk along Åmarksvej and down the path that starts behind the bar.

Bus: 18 and 132 stops at Åmarken Station.

Car: Parking lots at Åmarken Station.

There are seating areas and public toilets. The latter are open May-August between 10-22 hrs. and Sep-April between 10-18 hrs. The toilets are placed at the northern end of Sdr. Kystagervej.

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Routes and activities

Planetstien: The experience tour Planetstien, starts at "Solen" (the sun) on the hilltop, and it continues 5.9 km towards the remotest planet of the solar system, Pluto, situated in the park Mågeparken. Each planet is positioned correctly to each other on the scale of 1:1 billion. Read more about the planets on the information boards.

Bjerget is a good toboggan spot, and great for kite-flying in the autumn.

There is a balancing track at the foot of the hill for half-grown children.

On Easter Sunday, children can come and take part in the yearly egg rolling game, organised by Hvidovre Kulturråd (local arts council).