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Lodsparken contains the only beach in Hvidovre.

Badestranden i Lodsparken 

About Lodsparken

Lodsparken is a green area north of the harbour of Hvidovre. Close to Lodsparken and Kystagerparken, you'll find Kalveboderne. The area of shallow water is an important resting ground for migrating ducks. Kalveboderne is a protected area, wildlife reserve and EU bird protection area. Lodsparken has a rich bird and insect life.

The sculpture "Broen der bider" (the biting bridge) from 1983 by Jørgen Haugen Sørensen is found at the southern end of Lodsparken, close to Hvidovre Marina.

Useful information

Train: S-train (A and E-line) to Friheden Station. Turn left and follow Gl. Køge Landevej, and then along Strandmarksvej. When you reach the church Strandmarkskirken, turn left and follow Strandhavevej.

Bus: 132 for Valby stops at Strandmarksvej, which is the road to go along. When you reach the church Strandmarkskirken, turn left and follow Strandhavevej.

Car: Parking lots at Hvidovre Marina.

There are seating areas in the park and a pay toilet at Hvidovre Marina.

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Routes and activities

Beach. Check out the water quality here, and learn more on this site. There is also a water quality app available for smartphones.

The local after-school centres also use Lodsparken as a popular place for role playing. Decisive battles are fought between orks and elves!

And Midsummer Eve festival takes place here, too.