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Mågeparken (seagull park) with some of Hvidovre's finest scenery – a rich variety of animals and plants

About Mågeparken

Mågeparken is a hilly area, 1 km long and 200 m wide, consisting of surplus earth from the highway construction. Tall grasses, rush, flowers and scrub define Mågeparken as a prairie-like landscape with lots of waterholes and canals, the habitat of a great many animal species.
The water holes were made by the municipality of Hvidovre and Københavns Amt in 1990-91 as a nature restoration project to improve the living conditions of amphibians.
This is the only habitat on Zealand of the European green toad. And also the European common frog and the smooth newt. You can enjoy a rich birdlife, too, of the Eurasian skylark, greenfinch, common whitethroat, Eurasian wren, common kestrel, Eurasian coot, goldfinch, grey heron, meadow pipit and willow warbler.

At the northern end of Mågeparken along Strandvangen you can find the remains of Copenhagen's old fortifications Vestvolden, built in 1888-92. Explore the exciting rampart and the gunpowder storage rooms.

The only work of art in the park is a sculpture by Martin Erik Andersen: Circular iron plateau with ornaments. No title. It was created in 1996 in celebration of Kulturby 96 (city of culture) in Copenhagen.

If you walk along the path, under the highway, from the western end of Mågeparken, you'll arrive at a less overgrown area called Granaten (the grenade).

Useful information

Bus: 133 between Mozarts Plads and Avedøre Station. Stop at Gl. Køge Landevej/Tårnfalkevej. Walk for five minutes along Tårnfalkevej to Mågeparken.

Car: Parking lots along Mågevej and Tårnfalkevej.

Along the cycle path facing Mågevej there are seating areas, but no public toilets.

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Routes and activities

Different routes are available in the park through the path system. The route from Tårnfalkevej and all the way round the hills, or up across all the hills and back, is approx. 3.5 km. All paths, except for the cycle path at the edge of the park facing Mågevej, are narrow, trodden paths, not suitable for users of wheelchair, zimmer frame nor pram.

You're not allowed to fish from the waterholes in Mågeparken. But in the rampart by the gunpowder storage rooms, there's free fishing and a large fish population.

Mågeparken is a popular spot for role playing.