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You can walk or ride your bike on this solar system tour, and learn about the planets along the way.

About Planetstien

The tour starts from the Sun on the hill called Bjerget in Kystagerparken, and ends with Pluto in Mågeparken. The tour is approx 6 km long. Planetstien (the planet tour) was established in 2001 as part of a 9th grade school project at Frydenhøjskolen. The planets are cast in bronze on the scale of 1:1 billion. The tour crosses areas with a rich variation of animals and plants.

Useful information

Train: S-train (A-line) to Åmarken Station. Walk along Åmarksvej and down the path that starts behind the bar.

Bus: 18 and 132 stops at Åmarken Station. Public transportation to the remotest planet Pluto in Mågeparken: Bus 133 stops at Gl. Køge Landevej/Tårnfalkevej. Walk for five minutes along Tårnfalkevej to Mågeparken.

Car: Parking lots at Åmarken Station.

There are seating areas and public toilets. The latter are open May-August between 10-22 hrs. and Sep-April between 10-18 hrs. The toilets are placed at the northern end of Sdr. Kystagervej. Also there's a pay toilet at Hvidovre Marina.

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Routes and activities

See or print the map of Planetstien and the leaflet on Planetstien.

Learn about the planets of our solar system and the distance between them.

Study or find more knowledge on the website Tycho Brahe Planetariet and at the Kroppedal Museum.