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Rebæk Søpark

Rebæk Søpark is the perfect picnic choice.

Rebæk Søpark

About Rebæk Søpark

The lake came to life in 1870 under the construction of two railway tracks at Rødovre Station. The earth was removed to make way for an embankment in the former bog, creating a new lake. They say there is a tipping wagon on the bottom of the lake, though the story has never been confirmed. The area was protected in 1948.

A number of rare trees grow along the lake, among them copper beech. There is a bird island in the lake making the perfect habitat for different birds.

In the park, there are four sculptures by the artist Kai Nielsen. They are carved in fieldstones in 1967 and depict a sea cow, a polar bear, a large owl and a red bird. At the eastern end of the lake, you can enjoy the sculpture "Den globale gudetrappe" (the global stairways to the gods) by Monica Ritterband, from 2001.

Useful information

Train: S-train (B-line) to Rødovre Station. Walk along Immerkær to the lake park.

Bus: 161 between Lyngby Station and Avedøre Holme. Stop: Avedøre Havnevej/Park Allé.

Car: Parking lots at Rødovre Stationscenter and along Kløverprisvej.

There are seating areas, but no public toilets.

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Routes and activities

Take a walk round the lake along the gravel path, approx. 800m. Suitable for users of wheelchairs and prams. The green lawns offer good picnic and spare time opportunities. There are tables with built-in grills for BBQ around the park. And Rebæk Sø (lake) is a popular place to go and feed the ducks.

The playground northwest of the lake offers plenty of challenges and fun for children.

The lake park is used every year for the Midsummer Eve festival in Hvidovre Kommune (municipality).

Ice skating on the lake of Rebæk Sø is prohibited. The undercurrent from the outlet of a small stream makes the ice unsafe.