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Visit the fortification Vestvolden – a recreational area.

About Vestvolden

Explore the history and nature of Vestvolden. It forms a long circle of 14 km around the city of Copenhagen, from Avedøre Holme in the southern direction to the wetlands of Utterslev Mose northwards. The protected fortification from 1888-1892 was used for military purposes until 1922. The 100m wide rampart is unique, as no other similar place in Europe of this size can be found, close to a capital. The rampart is 16m wide and up to 3.5m in depth. The rampart was designated as a recreational area in the 1960s.

Right now, Vestvolden is under revitalisation to strengthen the recreational purpose of the entire area. For more information, please download the app here.

Useful information

You can gain access to Vestvolden from several points along the 14 km route.

Bus: 133 from Mozarts Plads direction Avedøre Station. Stop at Avedøre Byvej/Parallelvej. Walk south along Gl. Køge Landevej to Vestvolden.

Car: A few parking lots at Avedøre Tværvej and where Vestvolden and Mågeparken meet.

There are seating areas, but no toilets.

Learn more about Vestvolden on the homepage Københavns Befæstning.

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Routes and activities

You can choose between several marked routes. 

Unless signs instruct you not to, you can safely collect berries and flowers for private use only. But please take care of the surroundings. You are not allowed to dig for plants or collect firewood, cones or seeds.

There is a roller-skating rink near "Fredskrudtmagasinet" at the end of Mågevej, and a cycle racing track on the rampart next to the gate "Trædrejerporten".

Try out the exercise route, it's a 3.5 km hike.

You can go horse-riding along the marked riding path, starting just south of Holbækmotorvejen. The path is 750 m long.

The "Befæstningsdagen" is a festive fortification day, with lots of exciting activities, in September each year.